Writing Advice: Is It Worth It to Self-Publish? One Question You Must Ask to Decide

Just about the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to start making money as a writer is to self-publish, especially if you have little to no money. But, many question, “Is it worth it to go this route?” Like almost everything about business, the answer is, it depends.Following is the one question you need to ask — and answer, in my opinion — before deciding if self-publishing is worth it for you.Why do you want to publish a book? I have a friend whose mother died from Alzheimer’s disease. She was the primary caretaker and wanted to write a book about her experience during this difficult time. She asked me about the self-publishing process.I have another friend who wants to start an online business doing seminars targeted to empowering youth. She wants to publish a book about her message (to brand her speaking career).I have a cyber friend who’s in the process of writing a book about adopting his daughter from a foreign country; the Philippines (he’s American).I have yet another friend whose aunt led a life of crime, drugs and multiple marriages who wanted me to ghost write a book about her life.I point all this out to say that there are some who just want to get their story out there, and there are others who want to build a business around their book (ie, brand their business). It’s important to know going in why you want to write because if it’s just going to be a one-time thing, for example, you might decide to wait until you can cobble together the $3,000, $5,000, etc. or whatever it is you want to spend to have it all done for you.But if you want to brand a business or make ongoing money selling your info products, you might decide to do it yourself because you’ll be putting out multiple products and you’ll want to control how much you spend, how often you publish and what your message is.I write and sell eBooks (and seminars and e-classes) for a living. It’s a business for me, so I chose self-publishing for all of the reasons I just cited. For example, if a topic was hot in one of my niches (let’s say, freelance writing), then I could hop on it – writing an eBook and publishing it within a few days if I so desired.That’s what happened with the eBook I wrote on how to make money writing SEO content; which was first published in 2008, when this form of online writing was just getting popular.Following is how I got into self-publishing, which solidified that this was definitely the correct route for me.My Self-Publishing JourneyI’ve been writing and self-publishing eBooks since 2002. When I first started out, it wasn’t about making a living writing and selling eBooks online. At the time, I ran an editorial staffing agency at the time – one that hired freelance writers, editors, proofreaders, copy editors, etc. I kept getting the same questions from freelancers about things like how to land long-term assignments, what companies look for in freelancers, how much to charge, etc.So, I wrote up a pamphlet answering these frequently asked questions and uploaded it to my website. It didn’t have a cover or anything, and back in those days, purchasers had to pay first then wait for me to send them the file. It was very primitive is the point I’m trying to get across. I wasn’t even using the term “eBook” back then I don’t think.By 2010, I looked up and realized that over half my annual income came from products I wrote and sold online. And that’s when I decided to make a full-time go of it.ConclusionWhether you just want to get your story out there, or make a full-time living as a writer, self-publishing is a wonderful way to go about it because you can get started for nothing (literally $0!). Also, you make all the decisions regarding when your book comes out, where it’s sold, what to charge for it, what the cover looks like, etc.; and you can go publish as many or as few books as you want because it doesn’t have to cost anything.Only you can decide if self-publishing is worth it for you. If you start by asking “why do I want to write this book,” you’re more than half way to getting your answer — in my opinion and experience.

How to Choose the Right Credit Counseling Agency

Are you stressed out with your bills and increasing debt? Rest assured, You can get control over your finance now with leading Credit management firms. If you have already setup a budget and have not been able to meet your expenses as expected, Then it may be time to consider assistance from a professional Credit Counseling agency.Its very important though that you know what you are dealing with and do your homework well before you choose the right Credit counseling agency. The following guidelines will help you choose a reputable Organization for your credit control and counselingHere is something you should seriously consider

How long have they been in the business?
Are they are members of any professional groups.
Find their privacy policy and do not give permission to sell your information.
Find out exactly the services included in each package and the pricing for each one of them, Like budgeting, Counseling, Workshops etc… and make sure that you get it in Writing.
Ask if your money is protected and also find out how they are audited
Know more about the process. Make sure that your counselor goes through your budget and expenses to accurately evaluate your situation.
Ask if there is a fee to enroll
Ask if there is a monthly fee or any other charges for managing the plan
Ask what is the average time to complete the program
A typical situation would include that you do not use any sort of Credit facilities till the program is complete. This includes applications for a new credit card. Please note that many companies even charge monthly fee as service charges above the profits. Its most likely that your agency may be able to call The companies to stop creditor harassment apart from reduce monthly payments.Having as much information before you chose the Counseling agency will most likely help you make a wise decision and also the right one. No matter what agency you pick, Its important that you make full effort to pay your regular payments to your agency as agreed in the plan for a quick completion of the plan.Choosing the right Credit counseling agency or your interest in a credit counseling agency itself shows your interest in repaying your debts. Knowing what to expect with regard to your monthly expenses and your credit will give you peace of mind and enable you to move forward as smoothly as possible. Remember, the credit counseling agency works for you and with you… not against you.

What It’s Like at a Disability Hearing – How to Prepare Yourself

You’ve waited a long time but finally, your Social Security disability hearing has been scheduled. With wait-time statistics for 2010 averaging 442 days, more than likely, you have waited at least a year for this important day. Now that it’s here, what will it be like? And how can you prepare yourself for your meeting with the judge?The Judge Wants to Know about YouYour Social Security disability attorney has probably told you that your hearing could very well be your last chance to prove to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you deserve disability benefits. If you’re nervous, that’s quite understandable. But keep in mind that your Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is very interested in meeting with you face-to-face so that he or she can get a clear picture about you and your medical disability. After all, the ALJ’s job is to make sure that you are given a fair decision.The Setting for your Disability HearingMaybe you were expecting that your hearing would be held in a big, intimidating court room and you would be sitting in a witness stand with the judge towering over you. The setting is nothing like this. Social Security disability hearings are usually held in small conference rooms, and you and your disability attorney will be seated at a table facing the judge. The judge may also have a hearing assistant present to take notes or record the proceedings. You can have a few witnesses there too, though they cannot speak for you. How should you dress? Be neat but be yourself. This is not a dressed up business meeting. In fact, the hearing is a very informal event.What the Judge Wants to Know about YouThe purpose of the hearing is for the judge to get a full understanding of why you can’t work. Remember, to be approved for disability benefits you must be unable to do any kind of work. So even if you can’t perform the duties of the job you once did, the judge will consider if you have other work skills or if you can learn something new. Your work capabilities and how your medical disability impacts the way you function throughout your day are key factors that influence the decision.The Judge’s Questions – Stay True to YourselfIt would be a good idea to take some time and review your case before you go to your hearing, paying close attention to what your doctors have said about your condition. There may be something in your medical records that the judge will want to ask you about.Also, since your hearing is about proving to the judge that you have a medical disability, you don’t want to mask how you’re feeling when you meet. If the judge asks, “How are you today?” you surely don’t want to say, “I’m just fine.” Just try to stay focused on the judge’s questions. Keep your answers as direct as possible. Be truthful. Don’t exaggerate. And if you can’t remember something, just say so.You will have time before the hearing to go over things with your Social Security disability attorney. You will be briefed some more on what to expect and how to handle questions. Even if you feel nervous, try to take it in stride.The Hearing DecisionA Social Security disability hearing actually shouldn’t take that long. It may only take 20 minutes or, at most, an hour. But, you may not know right away if you’re approved. It is extremely rare to get a decision right then and there, which is called a bench decision. So, unfortunately, you’ll probably have to wait another two to four months before you know if you are approved for your disability benefits. Hopefully, the judge’s decision will be what you’ve been waiting for.

Should You Choose a Children’s Entertainer For Your Kid’s Parties This Christmas?

As we approach Christmas, a lot of families are thinking about parties and exciting days over the holiday period. However, have you considered a children’s entertainer for your kid’s Christmas party? Well, if you haven’t then you’ve come to the right place and if you’re thinking about it but haven’t made a decision then you should also keep reading.Most of the time, Christmas parties are fun and exciting and there’s always something to gossip about the next day. Even kid’s parties are fun and usually full of cake and ice cream which is simply wonderful over the holiday season. However, getting yourself a children’s entertainer could take some of the pressure off you and allow you to enjoy the party just as much as the kids.Usually, about once or twice a year, kid’s want to throw a party where all their friends can come and play and although this is all very good and well, it can sometimes be a bit stressful to get everything organised. After all, we want the best for our little ones and it can seem a bit of a stretch to get everything done on time.Taking the pressure off and hiring a children’s entertainer will mean that you won’t have to worry about what to do to keep the children entertained. Of course, children are renowned for having the shortest attention span in the world so it can be hard to keep things exciting for them.However, if you were to hire a children’s entertainer, they can perform tricks, do magic, tell jokes and whatever else it is they’re trained to do. That’s the thing, they’re trained to do it and they wouldn’t have the job if they didn’t enjoy it either so you can imagine that they’re pretty darn good.If you want to keep your kid’s entertained this Christmas without having to do all the work yourself then why not take the pressure off by hiring a children’s entertainer. You don’t necessarily have to but it’s worth considering at least – after all, have you tried entertaining 20 kids at Christmas for a few hours? It’s not easy.