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The rate of opportunity home businesses based and established have exploded in the last 14 years from six million to over thirty two million – and that number keeps growing every day. This translates to a mind boggling one business started every ten seconds! Well, with hundreds of types of home businesses to choose from, it’s no wonder it’s become such a popular trend to create your own income while preserving your freedom and independence. If this concept is something that you are passionate about, definitely pursue it. Just remember a few things.First: You have to spend money to make money.Oh, how true that is. Given the abundant specialties you can go into, it is important to be aware that all businesses require capital to get started. So if you’re looking for income that requires nothing to get started, I suggest grabbing a paper cup, a cardboard sign and a magic marker. Just kidding!Whether you are beginning a consulting business, a franchise, MLM (multi-level marketing), or at-home travel or real estate office, you require some guidance before you can expect to take off.Look for someone in the industry who can coach and train you. It should be someone who has some experience and has a system you can follow step by step.You’d be amazed at how many professionals will be willing to mentor you when you express your drive to be successful. It is astonishing. Try it!Second: It’s about peopleAs I’ve mentioned before, it is absolutely necessary that you be prepared to speak to and connect with people. Be prepared to pick up the phone and call someone you have never spoken to before.. I have been there before and trust me; this is not one of the best parts of running your own businesses. In fact, the very thought of making those calls gives me some odd mix between stage fright and car sickness, but it gets better with time. It especially gets better when you get paid. You may even grow to love it.However, if the notion of speaking and networking with people will stop you from following your quest to home business ownership, there are some approaches that will ensure the process runs effortlessly and will not bring much apprehension. I would recommend:Give yourself a template. Personally I write a small piece about my business and myself on a note card which I carry with me at all times, so in case even when I’m in the thick of things and I get a business call, all I will do is simply switch into my monologue and get going. It works wonders! My name, my business, what I do, and a little note on how I can help that person (if I know why they are calling). Magical.Third: Be realistic about Your Results InitiallyIt’s essential to be realistic about your expectations as your business gets off the ground. If this happens to be your first venture, the learning curve is in itself an uphill task, so be ready to keep going for a few months and in some cases years before you can earn a substantial amount of money. But once you do, trust me, you will be very happy with the results.It’s up to you how much money you make. That is the joy of home business! You want more money? Just work smarter! There’s no glass ceiling, no head honcho to promote you. It’s all up to your own self-discipline and passion for the business.Fourth: Spend some money initiallyYep, back to the first thing. To make money you have to be prepared to spend money. Business is not free. There are certain things people look for to establish that you are a legitimate business. You have to invest in a website and depending on your business, be prepared to purchase training programs or classes, especially if your business requires a certification. Personally, my biggest investment is in motivational material. For me, motivational material is my most significant investment. It keeps me focused, motivated, organized and determined. It’s the cheapest, most effective way to keep your focus fixed to achieving your financial goals.All these factors considered it may not even need to be said: You have to want this really badly. You have to really love being your own boss. You have to really want to make your own schedule. Be prepared to stick to your chosen business for at least six months to a year before you see results. You must have a huge desire to change your circumstances to make a home-based business work.You’re putting in time, money, creative effort, getting out of your comfort zone, and so on. But if you can make it work, if you have the drive and the zeal to make it work, running a home business is definitely one of the most fulfilling jobs you can have.

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