Critical Things to Consider When Comparing Small Business Phone Systems

Choosing the right small business phone system can greatly enhance a business’s efficiency, as well as reducing the cost of doing business. It’s vital to have a strong comprehension of small business phone systems so your company doesn’t pay too much or choose a system that doesn’t have the ability to grow along with your business. This article will review different options and the things you need to consider when selecting a small business phone system.While on the surface, selecting a small business phone system may seem like an easy decision, it can either assist or obstruct your company’s efficiency and professionalism. When choosing a PBX phone system, there are many things to consider.

How many employees will need a separate extension and will they need voicemail?
Will employees need to access the company phone system when they are away from the office?
Will the company be expanding? A modular system is important for an expanding company. An inexpensive small business phone system won’t be able to keep up with a growing company.
Will employees work remotely? A telephone system with a feature that routes calls is important for companies that have employees working out of the office.
A small business phone system will include some of the basic features:

Auto attendant
Remote voicemail pickup
Multiple extensions
Call forwarding
Call waiting
Call holding
Voice mail
Speed dial
Faxing abilities
Additional FeaturesSmall business phone systems that provide extra features can enhance the efficiency of a business. Not only are these new features designed to increase productivity and professionalism, but they also make sure that calls don’t slip through the cracks. One missed call can mean a company may miss out on a large order or a lead that may end up being profitable. A few of the available features for today’s small business phone systems include:

A feature for recording calls that can save your phone conversations to your computer’s hard drive.
An audio recording function that will email the recording as an attachment.
A voice to email notification that sends an email when an employee has a new voice mail message.
Auto-fax detection that automatically transfers incoming fax calls, eliminating a separate fax line.
Kinds Of Small Business Phone SystemsThere are many options for today’s small businesses when choosing a small business phone system and how they can handle calls:PBX (Private Branch Exchange)PBX systems are able to reroute calls within your office, as well as to employees working remotely. Because of this, it is a better choice than a standard VOIP system. There are PBX systems that use VOIP technology, which reduce long distance costs.VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)VOIP has become a favorite choice for business owners because all long distance call charges are no longer a concern. Calls are made through a high speed internet connection and do not use the traditional phone company’s copper wires. The problem with a pure VOIP system is that it is completely dependent on the internet so if your internet goes down, so does your phone.Hybrid PBX SystemsHybrid PBX systems use both VOIP and the phone company’s copper wires to make and receive phone calls. Each call goes through whatever is cheaper and available at the time. If the VOIP system is unavailable, the phone system will still work through the copper wire.Virtual PBXA virtual PBX can be useful for small, single offices that don’t receive or make many phone calls. They combine an auto-attendant PBX system and a VOIP telephone. The biggest negative to the virtual PBX system is that they cost more in the long run than an in-house small business phone system. Virtual PBX companies charge a per-minute fee for the VOIP connection. If the phone system was located in-house, the fee is very small or non-existent.Flexibility and options that can save time and increase efficiency are important things to look for when choosing a small business phone system. While price is a factor, it’s important to find out if installation, tailoring the small business phone system, technical support and training are included in the price. Small business phone systems can be difficult to set up if you don’t know what you’re doing and you want to make sure those fees are included in the initial price.

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